Question about examples license

Hello there. Thank you for wonderful library.
My question may sound stupid… but I am not sure.
Are files in “examples” folder licensed under MIT? Can I use it in commercial projects?
In example:
there is no information about license and I am not sure if I can use this code in my project.

Thank you for help in advance.

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Yes. The entire project, including it’s examples are under the MIT license. If you wish to use the example in your project, you can. Changes to the code don’t affect anything.

The problem is, it is inspired by the Unreal Engine’s bloom. So all you have to do is include the author mention that is in the original code. As long as you don’t change these lines, you should be able to legally use it:

 * @author spidersharma /
  Inspired from Unreal Engine::

But this only applies to code that is “Inspired from” anything. So just keep a watchful eye on that top comment! :wink:

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Thank you very much @TheCodeCrafter.

It’s a pleasure to be of service! :wink: