Can I commercialize products that integrate three.js?

Hello everyone,

I am currently developing some applications that use three.js in my project. Although I have found that three.js is supported under the MIT license, I want to be sure that I can sell my product.

Specifically, my application uses 3D models in OBJ and GLB formats to handle mockups.

P.S.: I attached images to the demo video showcasing the features that my product can have.
Video demo:


My PhD Law degree from Hogwarts can assure you - you can 100% commercialise stuff using three, it’s a public library used by tons of businesses and corporations in their projects - at least if it’s only three.js license that’s stopping you :saluting_face:


*Choked on coffee :laughing:


Thank you for your feedback and advice!
P.S.: It’s funny that a lawyer is getting a response from a prisoner. Maybe the two of them should have coffee together? (just kidding)


@mjurczyk: I guess you graduated from the Gryffindor house, didn’t you?

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