Post processing get vertex position

Hello everyone, I have a question, is it really possible to get the position of the vertex in the post processing?
It may be possible to write the position somehow into the buffer and then get it from the buffer.

For example, for a fog to correctly draw it, I pull out the global position of the vertex.

fogVPosition = (modelMatrix * vec4( position, 1.0 )).xyz;

But this trick did not go to post processing))

Hello korner,

As you already know, the postprocessing pipeline (composer) works with custom shaders, which means the THREE.js lib is not building shaders with the commun variables (position,normal,uv,…) used within your customization. In other words, you will have to manually pass the attributes to the custom postprocessing shader. For that matter, you could use the buffer attributes to speed things up, but it depends on how many objects you are planning to use + I have not seen an example that does it in posprocessing, but in theory the library should let you do it.

Hope this will help out.