Pathfinding Visualizer in 3D using Three.js

I created a visualizer for pathfinding algorithms using Three.js and Vue.js. It also contains Maze generation algorithms and a first-person view.

GitHub repository:

Play around with it! Would love to know your suggestions.


Ok, so on one hand - I absolutely refuse to understand why would anyone put so much time and effort into a pathfinding visualisation.

On the other hand - damn, it’s so pretty. :pleading_face:


Hahah, well why not? xD Always wanted to create such a visualizer and then I came across Three.js. Rest is history. :smile:


This is brilliant, I really like the visuals when you calculate. Great job

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Thank you! Had a lot of fun experimenting with different types of animations.

Incredible! I love it :heart_eyes:
Possibly the best path-finding visualizer!

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Thank you so much! :smile:

Really well done from all aspects. Great UI/UX. Fantastic app. Future plans?

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Thanks a lot! :grin: Future plans include adding more algorithms to visualize, making first-person available on mobile and trying to create the obstacles grid by uploading an image. What would you like to see?