😊 Open Source 3D Platformer : Edelweiss

Hey @felixmariotto I did not have much to do today once again, so I wrapped your Edelweiss in WKWebView app and uploaded it to appstore. I hope you dont mind :wink:


@makc3d I don’t mind, thanks for bothering to do that ! Was it a long process ? I’ve never done this.
I can’t seem to find it on the app store, is it online already ?

Yes, formely you had to wait like two weeks, but today it is much faster.

I am not sure if it is the same shadow issue that you have mentioned, but Ive noted something while playing my fork:
Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 18.55.27 Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 18.55.34
see, sometimes there is no shadows on the ground, but there are shadows on the player. Maybe (de)optimization issue? I will try to see if this happens in your original game, too.

(p.s. if you still did not find the game in the appstore - it is because it isnt there)

so my best guess is, what happened was:

  • shadows were optimized off,
  • I went in/out the cave, thus reloaded level did not have the shadows on the ground,
  • it was deoptimized again, but some how shadows were only turned on for the player.

I wonder how this can happen.

When I started coding the Optimizer, the problem I had was that when the renderer shadowMap was disabled, the last shadows sticked to their position including the hero shadow, which didn’t look right of course. That’s why I set the hero mesh castShadow and receiveShadow to false when I set renderer.shadowMap to false ( anyway you already know since you moved this part to AssetManager to do it on all hero mesh iterations ). So what usually happen is the reverse, the map still have the shadows from before optimization, while the hero has no shadow.

I guess the issue would be around here, be I can’t think of how, sorry… the map meshes always have receiveShadow and castShadow to true, so if the hero receives shadows the map should as well.
I tried to reproduce by going in and out the first cave with low performance, but I can’t.

The problem I had was different, the shadow camera didn’t follow the player (and I think it didn’t come from your fork).

I got side-tracked and did not understand the bug enough to fix, either. I guess I will leave this one for you to figure out oe day.

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