Oculus Browser vs Firefox Reality

Hi all, (06/2021)

I’m facing multiples “issues”, or, let’s say, some “differences”, with the same threejs code, on an Oculus Quest 2, playing with both Firefox Reality (FR) and Oculus Browser (OB, Chrome based).

The first impression i had is that OB seem’s to be clearly optimized for the device. It’s really smooth. FR crash more often than OB. FR seem’s to be a little bit more … fat ?

Now, i hit some wired issues (with the same code) .

  • the position of an object attached to a dolly is not the same (Y axe) on FR vs OB
  • on FR, the initial position of the dolly is Y-1 compared to OB
  • floor reflector + second floor using transparency with Y + 0.01 : visible z fighing on FR, none on OB.
  • when turning the head, the scene is distorded on FR, like if the FOV of the camera was not correct. This effect does not appear on OB. It clearly gives the sheaf :smiley:

I’m preparing some codepens.

So. Just asking the question, using threejs, does somebody already seen notable browser differences and fixes/tips when available ? Any external ressources ? Feedback ? Experiments ?

Thank you


Floor distortion effect :(not visible on the video capture ??, but clearly visible in the headset)

Any idea ? Thank you

Hi @eviltik

Just checked your application on my quest 2. It looks good on both firefox reality and oculus browser.

Are you talking about the grid lines flickering on the ground?

Are you using quest 1 or quest 2 for testing?

you say good ? no effect like a “scene distortion” when moving the head on firefox reality ? (strictly compared with oculus browser)

I’m using quest 2.

No no distortion at all on both the browsers.

Thank you @Srinivas_Prabhu

I’m not sure we are looking at the same thing. Or something wired in my device. Or my brain too :smiley:

And because i’m a threejs noob, i don’t have enought vocabulary to describe what append (i mean, even in my native language lol). Let’s see that later. If somebody else can test and see what i’m speaking about, you are welcome.

Note that the unwanted effect is not visible on the video. This is interesting detail.

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Seriously, nobody see the difference between oculus browser and firefox reality ?


On firefox reality, the scene is distorded. But it does not appear on a video capture, i can’t show …
With firefox reality, you may feel like vomiting when you move your head, while with oculus browser there is no such strange deformation.