Floor level in VR examples

Hi all,

I have been testing three.js VR examples with my new Occulus Rift S headset and the experience seems wonderful. This has been my first experience with VR and the immersiveness feels wonderful indeed.

Getting the examples to work on latest chrome 83+ was a challenge and finally, a few command line parameters did the trick, thanks to someone here on the forums.

Coming to my question, the floor level inside the VR experience seems a bit odd as it coincided with my waist height instead of my feet. I have set up the floor plane using the Occulus desktop software and in most of the oculus games the floor plane renders at the correct height.

I checked a few other three.js VR examples too and the floor plane (the grid ) coincides with the waist itself and not the feet as expected.

What could be happening here? Is this a one-off case with my headset/settings or is this a known feature ? :slight_smile:

Any help would be invaluable.


Sorry, I can only test with an Oculus Quest and I have never encountered such an issue.

Maybe it’s related to the fact that there is no out-of-the box support for your headset yet.

Ok Michael, thanks for this info.

Hi @Srinivas_Prabhu

How do you test ? Firefox Reality or Oculus Browser (Chrome) ?

Did you notice a difference between both ?

Did you find a fix perhaps ?

Thank you

Hi @eviltik

I test my examples mostly using Oculus Link/Air link with Chrome Browser on my desktop. This makes sure that the rendering is done on my machine and just displayed on the VR device.

I generally test it on standalone device only in the end of my development cycle.

In this case the floor level was an issue sometimes if the room was dark and the VR camera could not really decide what the floor level was.

Seems like Oculus has fixed this issue in the recent updates.


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