Grid Helper lines flicker on Oculus Quest


I have 2 VR devices for testing. An Oculus Quest and an Oculus Rift S. I have developed a WebXR based painting project based on this example.

I see that the grid helper lines are flickering on the Oculus Quest. But they seem to render fine without any issues on the Rift S. Has anyone else here on the forums faced the same issue?

Is there some setting with respect to the Oculus quest device itself? Or is this is a bug on this device?

If anyone else has faced/is facing this issue please let me know.


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I’ve tested with Oculus Quest today and I can’t say that the lines are flickering. There are some aliasing issues but I’ve seen those in other applications, too.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for testing it out. Much appreciated.

In our case, the grid lines are flickering really bad, as in they appear/disappear consistently and they are not just the aliasing issues.

Let me share a video of the flickering with you here soon.

Muchas Gracias :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

Here is the video with the flickering in the three.js vr paint example. It is tested with Quest v1, Oculus Browser, and room-scale boundary.

Please let me know what could be the issue here.


Does it make a difference if you slightly increase the y position value of the grid?

Is this a z-fighthing issue ? :sob: :thinking: I did try increasing the y value by 0.01 and then tested it again but the issue repeats :confused:

Not sure. This is probably a good question for stackoverflow or for the Oculus community.

Thanks. Ill try that route.


Tried on 2 different Oculus quests and getting the same flicker error. Could this be something to do with the refresh rates?

I don’t know. But it’s probably nothing you can influence…

Ok Thanks.

BTW: This issue was also reported at GitHub:

Yes, that’s my client with whom I tested this stuff out :sweat_smile:

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This looks like z-fighting to me, does it disappear at some point lifting the grid off the plane?

Also, a curious question - since I don’t have OQ - do the lines flicker when you change the colors to something more distanced on the spectrum? Black / white, red / blue? On the videos both colors seem to be gray - it may be something with hardware tone mapping / aliasing two similar colors?

Hi Fyrestar,

Even I assumed it to be z-fighting, but then the flickering does not stop even if I lift the grid off quite a bit. No, it does not disappear.

Hi Mac,

On our actual project, the lines are bright white and the ground is dark brown. So pretty much the colors are at the either end of the spectrums.

You mentioned “hardware tone mapping / aliasing two similar colors” Is there any more information on this?