Lights flickering in VR

For reproduce this issue in the simplest scenario, I just used one of the three.js examples for VR: “dragging”.

Just changed material properties to:
roughness: 0.0,
metalness: 1.0
(it happens with intermediate values also; setting extreme values here for better capturing)
And, voila. Lights flickering
(tested in Oculus Quest 1,and Oculus Go. Doesn’t happen on PC, even shaking camera orbit with a wacom pointer)

This happens with Oculus setting: “position tracking” both “ON” and “OFF”

If you manage to mantain the camera still (by not moving your head), flickering looks like slowing/stoping.

It appears to be an overflow as its intensity resets and increases back and forth. (Kind of a “breathing” effect if you move very very slightly)

Any hints?

It also happens with non-metallic materials. When roughness is low enough to show the specular reflection of any light in scene, it has this weird behaviour.

Any comment would be appreciated. Thanks for reading anyways!