Need help in getting started

Hey guys,

I am a 3d artist who wants to learn web dev and 3.js so for the first project i have decided to make something simple but which looks really cool -

I want some help in few areas.
I am using codesandbox to test and write my code. is it ok to use it or is there a better alternative as i am just coding alone and dont need a collaboration tool. I like the fact i cant preview it side by side so thats a plus like VS Code. The templates are also pretty cool

  1. What I am struggling with is rotating and placing camera in with 0 context cues and just random guesses of changing numbers
    I have used OrbitControls and console.log to get the estimate of the wanted location, but whats a better way to code the starting location for the camera? I have been placing it by guesswork and it feels annoying.
  2. How can I make the render look the amazing, i want to enable SSR, Better shadows, etc
  3. How can i make the panning motion be limited on the local Z and Y axis and not X(front and back)

I will be really grateful for help and some newbie advice.

Some of your questions have already been discussed in the forum. Use the search in the forum with corresponding keywords like camera.

You can also scroll through the collection to find appropriate examples from the forum. (Links to posts in the source code.)

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face: