Game engine camera controls - seeking distribution advice & feedback


I’ve created a game engine editor camera controller, providing scene-traversal functionality similar to Unity and UE4. It’s mostly intended as a devtool and particularly for WebXR work, since that’s where the dev experience closely mimics the game engine paradigm of “editor cam” vs. “player cam”.

I’ve contributed to threejs in the past but never a brand new component. I’d love to hear thoughts from maintainers and the community about the best way to share it. The questions I’m debating:

  1. would this merit a PR to the main repo? (With it basically being an alternative to OrbitControls and PointerLock Controls, and potentially useful to many) - if so, happy to standardize it per. Mr. Doob’s guide, add TS bindings, etc. But before putting in the work I’d like to know if it’s a potential fit to begin with.

  2. Is there a more useful way for this snippet to live online? (Thinking mainly as an npm module)

  3. As a repo, should this include a standalone dev env (webpack, etc), a minified version, examples, testing etc?

threejs OSS contribs are a bit of a wild west, so any advice about best practices and making this useful to the community would be highly appreciated.


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Hm - as for feedback, the state saving feature (session storage) doesn’t really belong in a camera imo, maybe it could at least be disabled by default.

thank you for your feedback! Totally hear you, it’s a little intrusive to SessionStorage - but I can’t think of any other way to maintain cam pos/rot/camspeed state on reload, which (imo) is a big value add of this component. But I think making it optional, potentially defaulting to false is a great idea. Thanks again.