How to use camera movement with arrow keys in editor

I am trying to get my camera to move when I press keys on my keyboard, I am aware of how to do this through an outside installation of three, but I prefer the editor, because I have a cheap computer, with low memory, and don’t feel like spending 20 bucks a month for an IDE that will provide the right resources. Another aspect, is the visual editing, which I definitely need to make anything that looks nice. The main issue is the lack of an importing feature in the editor scripts, preventing me from getting modules, and addons from the threejs library. This also caused issues with the mouse click issue, so I could use the mouse to pan the camera. If anyone has any ideas on how to do either of these things with or without addons, please help me, and thank you to any of you that respond.

Three editor has a bit of an issue - since each script you create there is pushed through a Function constructor - which kinda throws the idea of imports out of the window.

I have a local branch I need to clean-up and push as a PR - that uses <script> tags for scripts, in which case you are allowed to use import maps and modules - but until then, there’s no way to import external modules without modifying the exported files locally.

Your only option is to go for Visual Studio Code (it’s 100% free), or just copy-paste the OrbitControls / module-you-need source code into the editor manually.

Ok, so how would I paste it in, would I put it in a function, because I am not sure exactly how I would be able to run the script, or even where to find it, thank you for your response, by the way.