NCS like sphere reacting to music you upload

Hi I made a website where you can upload any music and it will play it and animate a group of little balls to the rhythm. (It is not just animation the movement is calculated for each song)
I know it is a simple thing but personally it got me entertained for a while. (I suggest Crab Rave it looks awesome)

Hosted at:
Source code: GitHub - HonzaKubita/audioSphere: 3D web audio visualizer

Looks good. What sound will move the South pole dots? Maybe some heavy bass? I tried several musics, but only the North hemisphere reacted.

In case you plan to work on this app, one suggestion is to make it like solar prominence. Erupted material could fly and make loops before returning back to the sphere.

So I worked on the app and I fixed the south pole dots. I also added audio controls and artificially increased the detail by assigning one frequency to two balls doubling the detail. Unfortunately I don’t really like the idea you suggested by which I’m not saying it is a bad idea it is just not something i would want to implement in the app. Thanks for the feedback sorry for the late response, school stuff :/.

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