NASA Releases 3d Models

NASA has released a bunch of 3d models of their spacecraft, landing sites, rovers, robots, satellites, etc. Some of them are even set up to 3d print.

Here is one of the space shuttle in the three.js editor:


Excellent find. These would be great for some examples in the future, methinks.

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Actually, I heard about this from @mrdoob on twitter: :wink:

This is so cool. Some people need to get together and make a game with this stuff! NASA Simulator. Kerbal Space Program + Realism and Actual Seriousness!

@TheCodeCrafter I think all of these models are .3ds format. The space shuttle .3ds was opened up in Rhino and exported to three.js json format through Iris.

If you finish your 3DSLoader, they would all be directly compatible with threee.js :wink:

Yay! Iā€™m going to get working on that!