Mysterious Stuttering

First of all, I would like to thank you for always allowing me to use Three.js.

Recently, we have noticed that the behavior is stuttering only in some environments.

Those environments are

  • Pixel 7 Pro Chrome (Android 13)
    (confirmed on two “Pixel 7 Pro” devices)

I tested the following environments and this did not happen

  • Pixel 6 Pro Chrome (Android13)
  • Pixel 7 Pro Edge
  • iPhone 11 Pro Safari
  • Mac Chrome
  • Windows Chrome

Checking performance with the Chrome Devtool, it appears that there are frames where no processing is being performed, rather than “one process does not fit within a frame”.

The version of three.js is 0.127.0.

Attached is a performance image of Pixel 7 Pro when this phenomenon occurred. The area circled in red is where the “frames not being processed” are clearly visible.

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

Updated question

  • Updated to three.js 0.148.0 and observed the same problem.
  • Using FireFox on Pixel 7 Pro, same problem.

Do you see the same performance issues with Firefox on your Pixel 7 Pro?

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Thanks for your reply.

I tried using FireFox with Pixcel 7 Pro.
As you said, the same phenomenon occurred.

How did you know this?

It was just a wild guess since what you have described sounds like a typical device issue. You might want to report the issue to the Chromium bug tracker though (although I suspect it is related to the SoC driver or something similar).

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When I had a little more time, I investigated my service and found that the problem is most likely occurring in the part that reads coordinates from the “Vertex Animation Texture”.

Based on this, I also measured the performance of “gpgpu birds” in “Three.js examples” and found the same stuttering.

I have created a chromium issue as you suggested.