One scene on one computer slows down differently in different browsers

Hello, friends. THREE / WEBGL scene performance issue. On the same laptop, in different browsers, the scene performance is different. For example, in FireFox it does not slow down, in Chrome it slows down. On some other devices, on the contrary - it slows down at FF, but works well in Chrome.
At the same time, the scene code is optimized as much as possible, all performance tips are followed.
What can you say? If you can confirm similar cases that you encountered, please write about it.

I experience exactly the same problems in one of my projects.
It is basically finished since 2 years and has been on ice because on my laptop it slows down only in chrome, on my smartphone it slows down only in firefox. On my friends high end pc it slows down only in chrome. On my work pc it does not slow down at all. I am talking about a difference of 60 fps vs 3-10fps.
It uses tons of precalculated tween animations and cubes to form words and has real time lighting.
I know that it is heavy on the compujter but it should be consistent.

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