Chrome vs Firefox perfomance?

Hi, I’m a junior web developer,
and I recently noticed that my laptop (Dell 7720) heats up differently when working in different browsers.
I regularly update browsers, so the release of updates is not worth it.
I opened the scene, which I am doing now as an educational one, and compared the CPU utilization rates … This is not very good for Chrome. right?
Do you think this is a library or browser question?
I also understand that I do not understand the optimization and it is possible to assign a part of the code with a speed limit for processing the scene, however, statistics show that chrome gives 17 frames per second versus 40 for a fire fox.
Just sad indicator of CPU usage.ChromeBug-Three ChromeBug-Three

You mentioned laptop. Make sure you’re using discrete GPU on both Firefox and Chrome.

This is an interesting variant, I did not configure browsers in any special way - like most users for whom I want to learn how to work.
These are pretty advanced systems today, even for work out of the box, aren’t they?
However, I can try to do it if you think that this is the problem.

My favorite tool for performance testing is Spector.js which shows you step-by-step every drawcall and command that takes place in WebGL, and it even shows you how long it took to perform each command. It comes with plugins for both Chrome and Firefox, so you could run them on both and see which drawcall takes up the most time. You can also use the performance tab in Chrome’s dev tools to see what the browser is doing under the hood.

Great, thanks for the hint - I’ll try it.

I’ve had this complaint from players of my game, they say

How come, i have a powerful GPU inside my laptop, but your game runs like sh*t.

and every time it turned out that system was configured to run chrome using integrated GPU (usually intel HD graphics).

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You have a pretty game.
I forcibly enabled the use of a discrete video card in the Chrome browser and everything worked out.
4-5% CPU usage.
It is a pity that browser developers do not do this by default.
After all, not every player will understand why something is slowing down.
I also saw the settings of my Firefox - it seems that there is a discrete video card used immediately.