Firefox vs chromium vs edge performance

hello ,

ive seen with heavy scene i ve got better performance with chromium ( under linux and window ) and edge ( under window ) than firefox ( under linux and window ) . So it isn’t a problem coming from linux or window it is really a problem coming from firefox

question : do you know why firefox is getting less performance in webgl than other navigator ( fps can drop drop until 10/20 fps while chromium and edge reach and keep 60 fps for the same scene?

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If you think Chromium based browsers are faster than Firefox, I suggest you provide proper performance measurements and report the results to as an issue. Hopefully the people at Mozilla are then able to locate bottlenecks and fixing them.

thank for the link . And indeed , if i does write webgl performance i ve got lot of message about issue , so it is probably a well know problem for firefox team . It is probably hard for mozilla to solve problem .