Really weird bug with chrome on android

Hi there!
I found a really annoying and random bug that pops up every since and then only on chrome (and chrome based) browsers on android.
I have a complex but optimized scene and on firefox runs well as well from other browsers.

Only on chrome for android sometimes the fps drops to 8/9 only to return to 60 if either refresh the page, lock and unlock my screen or just go away from the current browser tab and then return back to my app tab.

It’s really really weird and i can’t help solving this so i’m trying to ask if anyone encountered something similar

What i noticed is that the updateMatrixWorld and renderObject functions take up x4 time before the tricks i said before.
The performance gain is instant as soon as you blur and then focus the tab and i’m really confused

that’s not a bug, the lags is normally experienced with older model or low specification mobiles.

Sorry but you did not read through the question :pensive:

I have a ok phone, no lag in firefox, lags only on chrome and if i lock the screen/unlock it or change the tab briefly the threejs app goes back to 60fps.

That sounds like a Chromium bug to me. Consider to report this issue here:

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thats is just normal, even with opera mobile, if u load ordinary website like fb and open a new tab then shift back to facebook tab u will notice a lag, it may not be as obvious as threejs project but there is lag shifting from one tab to the other, locking and unlocking the screen puts the cpu to minimum this makes the lag more obvious than just shifting tabs.

No, it’s literally the other way.
The app will start lagging, if you switch briefly tab it will get to 60 fps, only on chrome!

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Thanks! I will open it now!

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its probably chrome bug,