Modify existing Codepen three.js project


I would like to reach out to see whether there’s anyone here that could help us modify this example to look like our logo:

This is our logo:

Here’s a sketch of what we’d like to achieve:

So it means basically changing the color of the entire cube and then add a second color to the respective squares to display the “M” shape (pink color in the sketch above). It would be very nice if these colors appeares as the flat cubes “expands” (see Codepen example).

If anyone is up for the task, kindly let me know. We’ll agree on the payment - no problem. Let me know if you prepare fixed or hourly(?)

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You should know that this is not a Three.js project. It’s all done with about 300 HTML elements, and 500+ lines of CSS… which actually makes it more complicated IMHO.


As @marquizzo says, the example you shared is an experiment to show what can be done with pure CSS and HTML. There’s no way it could be used in production for your logo.

You can create something similar using three.js, but whoever does it will have to start from scratch.


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