I built my portfolio website using threejs

Hi all :wave:,
I built my portfolio website using threejs, featuring a rubik, a dragon and a game character

You can check it out at https://hucanco.de

More screenshot


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Very cool but let me notice one thing, you forgot one color in the rubiks cube, there are two green and the orange is missing, i suggest you to fix it :wink:
Everything else, as i alredy said, is very cool

I am colorblind. I took the color palette from google haha. Could you please give me a color code for orange and green?

#ff8000 orange
#00ff00 green

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Thanks, that 2 colors are a little bit extreme, Iā€™m thinking of taking a shade from here, preferably 600, what do you think?

yeah you are right :sweat_smile:

the 600 are very nice, i like them

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