Missing textures on Safari iOS15


after updating to iOS15/iPadOS15, some model textures are missing. It seems more like a bug in Safari, but maybe some of you have an idea/solution/workaround.

For a quick look you can visit http://rundgang.stasihaft-dresden.de/?room=haftkeller, which jumps right into a room, where the problems gets instantly visible.

Here is a image which shows the difference in comparison:

Here you can find the model (only the room, no people):

If you download the model and and upload it to https://gltf-viewer.donmccurdy.com you can see the difference as well when running this on iOS 14/macOS and iOS15.

Thanks and cheers


Hey, I don’t really think I can fix your problem, but, is this normal (image below)? if it’s not, maybe it isn’t only a Safari bug. Good luck. Btw I am using google chrome.

Yes, those black surroundings are correct and part of the artwork. Your screenshot looks as it should. On Chrome I have no issues as well.

Solution found: Reboot your device. Nice to see, that rebooting sometimes really helps.

Sadly, the problem returns after some time. Rebooting helps, but not for long.

Here is another topic which tries to solve the problem: