GLTF textures disappear after inactivity period

For some reason, when I leave the page with the scene and rendered GLTF open in a browser and do not touch my laptop for some time, the model becomes black after a couple of hours of inactivity.

Could you please help me to understand why it happens and how to fix it?

Noticed the same, it seems something is freeing resources. Coming back to an older tab and a black model has become commonplace for some reason.

In what browsers do you experience this?

for me it’s chrome latest on a mac m1. it happens only ever so often sporadically.

@Mugen87 Chrome on Mac M2 Max. I did not test it on other browsers just yet.
Current Chrome version is 114.0.5735.133. However, I observed it on at least 3-4 previous versions.

I often encounter this on ios phones, and I think it’s an ios memory management issue。
Only compress the texture so that it does not exceed the memory`s limit