How can I fix this problem on ios 16.5.1?

How can I fix this problem on ios 16.5.1?


It doesn’t always appear, it just happens in sometimes

I read that topic 3 times and still have no idea what “this” precisely is? :melting_face: The screenshot looks acceptable.

@superTigery You have to add more details to the topic. Right now, it’s not clear what is going wrong.

I wanted to but I couldn’t. I just rendered a gltf model and added some textures. Is it possible that the iphone memory is full because the textures are too big or too many?

Normal looks like this, with environment maps and nice car paint

  1. If that would be the case, the website would just crash or forcibly reload.

  2. Did you test on another external device, android phone / older iphone? Could be just wrong asset URLs.

This has never happened on Android, but only on iphones, whether it’s a newer os or an older os。
But that doesn’t always happen, and restarting the APP may be okay again。This has been a problem and has been bothering me for a long time, I am now trying to compress the textures to solve this problem

maybe was the hdr loading wrong?