Mesh disappears when its position is off screen

I have a few NPC characters walking around. Their position is at their feet. If their feet are off screen then the entire mesh disappears. I tried setting frustrumCulled to false for the mesh and its children, but that didn’t have any effect.

Any advice?

Setting .frustumCulled = false on the SkinnedMesh instance should be enough, yes. If that’s not working then I think you may need to share code or an example we can debug.


Thanks Don.

Live example


The example uses your Pathfinding library. Wait around if no NPCs are there, they’ll turn up soon.

BTW I was finding that the mergeVertices method wasn’t returning geometry that worked for most of my NavMeshes after the switch to BufferGeometry. So I rewrote the indexing method. It’s prepGeometry in this file.

I also added tolerance as a parameter to Pathfinding.createZone and pass this through to the Utils call. Works great for all my NavMeshes now. I added an issue comment in your GitHub three-pathfinding repo.

[object Boolean] frust r umCulled = false
[object Boolean] frustumCulled = !1;

Please correct the typo

Genius. Thanks. Working perfectly now.

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You might wanna look into boundingSphere.
If the geometry has been transformed after the first render, boundingSphere should be recalculated.

Best of Luck.