Problem with the display of the character's skin, when animating

Hi. I am exporting a character from Blender with a simple height change animation. When the camera doesn’t see the starting point of the animation (these are just my guesses), SkinnedMesh disappears and I only see the animation of the bones. In the attachment of the video, where I demonstrate this problem in “three js editor”.

This is .glb, I exported:
bob_only.glb (727.2 KB)

Animation is “jump_test.001”.

Thank you.

What you see is a know issue in context of skinned meshes. As a workaround, please disable view frustum culling like so:

gltf.scene.traverse( function( object ) {

    object.frustumCulled = false;

} );
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Thank you so much again, Mugen87. For future users, I note that frustum culling needs to be disabled for each individual skinnedmesh, as Mugen87 wrote above, and not for the all scene as I did.