3D Figures disappear partly or at all


in the 3D scene I am working on are several fbx models from… Adobe.

When I rotate the scene sometimes some of these figures are not “seeable” or only to the half of them.

Could someone make a shot into the blue why this may be so?
I tried to set the frustrumCulled to false by

model.traverse(function(obj) { obj.frustumCulled = false; });

and also set the camera near to .1

without effect

Here are some pictures to illustrate:

fulltosee - Copy

halftosee - Copy

nonetosee - Copy

Perhaps your materials have .transparent=true on them? Are you looking at them ‘through’ some other object? It seems like there’s a blue tint here but maybe I’m mistaken.

If you are using transparency you may also want something like:

scene.traverse((object) => {
  if (object.material && object.material.transparent) {
    object.material.depthWrite = false;

Hello and 1st thx,

I did as you supposed and let the code run over all models in the scene after all models where fully loaded and it partly did the trick. Now the figure is either shown full or not at all. It is not longer shown only half as before.

Yes you are right. The figures are all in surrounding boxes with different colors and these colored boxes are within invisible frame-boxes which shall show up when one figure is mouse-overed.

2figs_visible - Copy

after some rotation
only_one_figure_visible - Copy

btw: The pink lines are an all together “enclosure” for all boxes ( which do not actually fit at the right place ) just if you asked yourself.

Is it still being (fully) hidden in some cases where you believe it should appear? There’s a known bug/limitation with frustum culling of skinned meshes, but disabling frustum culling (as you did earlier) ought to fix that.

Yes it is still being fully hidden. The pictures above should illustrate that the girly figure is once shown and once not when the scene is rotated in any matter.
What I meant is that a backward rotation does not reverse the effect which means that when I rotate one “click” left and the figure disappears does not mean that it appears again when i ( try to ) rotate the other direction for one “click”.
Thanks 4 spending your time for me.

To make sure the invisible box around the figure does not affect it I made it visible by default but the figure still disappears when rotating or scrolling in/out.

box_visible_figure_not_visible - Copy

I put the same figure into camera, too and it does not vanish when rotating the scene ( maybe because it stays at the same position… ) but I thought it might help to tell.

Hmm… perhaps disable material.depthTest on the skinned mesh objects?

You shouldn’t have to do that though… a demo might help on this one, i’m not sure what is going on.

Thanks again for your time.
Meanwhile I may think it might be kinda… inconsistency in the figure.
and this
show the some error while rotating.
When I replace them with other figures those figures behave totally normal as supposed. As me being a programmer and not a model artist I have no possibility to check these figures.