MALI Debug Error on Flutter/Android/Xiaomi Pad


Giving a brief overview of my setup:

I have a simple html + js file that loads up a 3D mannequin that captures sensor movements and projects it onto the mannequin for analysis.

This small environment is bundled by parcel and hosted in Android via Flutter’s inappwebview plugin.

However, once Three.JS is loaded in the inappwebview, the GPU seems to struggle. Below is a bit of log that is repeated continuously:

E/ble_prototype(29932): == MALI DEBUG ===BAD ALLOC from gles_texture_egl_image_get_2d_template err is 0
E/GPUAUX  (29932): [AUX]GuiExtAuxCheckAuxPath:670: Null anb
E/GPUAUX  (29932): [AUX]GuiExtAuxCheckAuxPath:670: Null anb
E/GPUAUX  (29932): [AUX]GuiExtAuxCheckAuxPath:670: Null anb

From my understanding, this issue occurs somewhere between WebGL → GLES. I tried different mixamo models to see if it is model based but it doesn’t seem to be.

This is particularly interesting given it happens on only one device, which was supposed to be our main. The Android version is 14 and API is 33.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue using a mobile device?