Make liquid inside jam

Hi, everyone
How can I make shader like this ?

In all examples of postprocessing does not mention this shader

Iā€™m afraid there is no example yet that demonstrates how to implement see-through, volumetric liquids.

There is a transluceny demo however it has no refractive components.

The refraction demo based on THREE.Refractor only works for flat surfaces.

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The examples are limited.

Are you sure the demo really does any volumetric rendering or refraction? Edit: Sorry, you are right. There clearly is some refraction going on near the top. Maybe an environment map from a local cubecamera will help.

If I were to try to replicate this look, I would experiment with one transparent and shiny material for the inside of the shell of the volume and one for the outside (and possibly an extra shader for postprocessing/blurring), and try to exploit the knowledge of the geometry (easiest with a simple geometry like a pure cylinder) to get some cheap effects (e.g. depth-dependent fog effect).

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