[ Paid ] Volumetric shader upon gpgpu process

Hello all.

For my client, we are looking to implement a volumetric shader (or another shader solution) upon a running gpgpu process. The task is to create a colored region between the gpgpu result positions (texture - Sampler2D).

Current running process: ESUW
Based on this example: three.js examples

The shader should contain:

  • Costume color, opacity, emission.
  • Radius variable for the generated volume.

The shader does not have to be at a final product level. Once implemented I could take over the refinement myself. I’m mostly seeking an individual who is experienced in developing gpgpu threeJs process.

You can reach me here for questions. Inquiries can be sent to afrshezif@gmail.com

Thanks and have a nice day :open_hands:

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