Low Poly 3D Generator - Edit STL files online!

Check it out: https://lowpoly3d.xyz/

I used three.js to create a single-serving site that allows users to upload STL files and reduce the triangle count in-browser, and download the resulting low poly model!

I’m a huge fan of Low Poly art, so creating a tool that allows users to make their own without downloading any software is something that I’m very excited about. You can see the Low Poly 3D Generator in use on YouTube, and also see the source code on github!


This is cool!

Useful, will be making use of this for my low poly scenes! I feel that the slider limit of 0.5 on decimation percentage wasn’t sufficient for my sadistic ultra low-poly taste, so I overrode it.

If you can still tell it’s a frog - it’s not low poly enough :smile: