Looking for a ThreeJs advanced dev to help us improve our workflow [Remote] [Paid] [Consultancy]

At Fresco Design we are making 3D configurators for different products, we have been working on viewers, configurators, and AR implementation directly from the three.js library.

We are now looking for a developer that can work with us as a consultant/mentor to help us improve our workflow, since we need to optimize the experiences for desktop and mobile devices.

It’s a big plus if you have experience in ktx compression, draco, or similar compression tools.

Example of one of our projects

If you are interested please send me an email at fernando@fresco-design.com

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I have built several 3d configuration custom product project using threejs webgl in past.
I would like to discuss more details about your project via directly
Telegram - @dsodineum
discord - ! DS#0631
Thank you

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