Looking for a developer to apply powder coat textures on coated parts

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I found this thread: Need a developer for creating custom carpaint shader

I would like to ask if anyone is willing to produce something very similar for me?

We are working on a powder coating surface preview app, and would happily work together with someone who’s confident with textures and materials.

We have all the UI elements of our app built out, but we lack the capacity internally to dive deep enough into the world 3D visualisation. We offer coatings for thousands of parts, so the goal of our app is for the textures to appear smoothly on parts without UV maps.

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Hello. @Jason_Statement
I’m very happy to send this message for your project now.
I have understood what you want and what you are going to do.
Also as an highly experienced Three.js developer and Blender expert, I would like to contribute to this application development based on my enough experience in customization of shader.
I’m very familiar with the photorealistic rendering on both Blender and Web browser. Especially, the car-paint material is no problem for me.
I hope we will discuss for better understanding about vision and I would be grateful if you leave me a message via this email.
My contact info:



Thanks in advance.

Best regards.

Thank you, reached out!

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