[FILLED]Looking for a 1-2 hour consultation on Materials/Textures

I’m looking for a short term consultant to advise on the best practices on setting up dynamically changing Materials/Textures.

I have a humanoid model in Blender I output to GLB and load in Three.js. This humanoid model has 4 identical SkinnedMesh’s that represent the eyebrows, the eyes, the nose and the mouth.

Each Mesh has 6-7 different sets of textures along with a corresponding alpha texture that changes depending on the emotion of the model. Happy/Sad/etc. These textures are very ‘cartoonish’ and display in near 2D. The mouth has 14 subset textures representing speech to simulate the model talking. The eyes have a subset of open and closed state to simulate blinking.

I’m looking for someone that can explain the best practices for loading these texture sets into Three.js and for swapping them around quickly. The textures should be loaded externally for ease of adding/removing different sets. Also likely preloaded so they can be swapped without any delays.

I have the animation understanding of how to put this together but Materials/Textures seem to have a few ways of doing this and nothing I found discusses preloading and best practices for just my requirements.

Prefer someone with Fiber/React experience but not required.

Pay is $100/hr for this consultation

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Here’s what I’d recommend: make a 2d texture array w/ each texture so you can easily switch between them in the shader, at virtually no cost whatsoever.


Hope you are doing well

As I have seen your post and I have 6 plus years of experience on this and I can do the job and I have read out all the requirements mentioned above, and you can reach me out at mandy@techsolvo.com

Can we discus more on this?

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