Need a developer for creating custom carpaint shader

Basically the shader must provide the PBR standard workflow (three.js standard material) and would not need a full rewriting from scratch.

Also we need all the UI Elements as a react component.

The following required options are

Base Color:
Replace the base color with a color gradient. We must be able to set new colors within the gradient. The left color represents the outer color (90° vector to camera), the very right color represents
the direct front color (0° view angle).

The Color gradient must be linear and mapped on a perpendicular falloff like the image below.

A normal map is required (UV channel 0)

An ambient occlusion map is required (UV channel 1)
Light affection must be blendable > 0 = Light excludes AO texture, 1 = fully renders AO texture above everything.

Vertex Color is required (multiplcation over everything at the end of the shader)

The Dot Product (Color Blend Factor) needs a Power Value to shift the gradient to either the left or the right color.

The metalness is supposed to act as the metallic flakes without actual flakes and can simply be untouched since the three.js standard material already provides this funtionality.

Clear Coat
Add a frensel reflection. The intensity and the roughness must be configurable. Allow a normal map to affect the clear coat only.

Main Flakes
A toogle must be available to enable or disable the flake rendering in terms of mobile usability. Disabling the main flakes also disables the sparkle flakes.
The flakes must behave dynamically, not just static with a noise texture and reflect the actual background/environment.
The flake source should be a generated noise and mapped automatically without available UV coordinates.
The flakes must be rendered/combined with the base color in order to get tinted by the base color when using metalness
The flake intensity automatically gets more visible with the value of metalness > Metalness 0 = no flakes, metalness 1 = full flake visibility. There must be a flake multiplier to intensify the flakes against its default value. Metalness of 0 still makes the flakes invisible.
Adjust the density of the flakes.
The flakes must be scalable in size.
The flakes can be colorized separately.

Sparkle Flakes
The sparkle flakes can be enabled/disabled when the main flakes are enabled.
The sparkle flakes must reflect the actual background/environment.
The sparkle flakes behave the same way like the main flakes but don’t get affected by the metalness, stay always white/reflective.
The density of the sparkle flakes must be configurable.
The size of the sparkle flakes are linked to the main flakes and can’t be adjusted seprately.
The intensity is affected by the metalness factor (0 = invisible, 1 = fully visible) but a multiplier can increase the visibily anyway.

Here is how the shader looks in Blender (flakes should be done better):

Here is the attached Blender scene
BasicCarPaintTest.blend (772.5 KB)

We have a budget of 1.000USD if you can do it until monday. :slight_smile:

You need this done by Monday? Why are you in such a rush?

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Customers that want to launch. :slight_smile:
But we are also looking for a shader developer who can fulfill our shader needs for other cases also.
BTW How can I by your book?

Could you share your email id please for a direct conversation?

Due Monday, as in 3 days away? That’s an impossible deadline. How much do you pay if the contractor can only finish 90% of the task by then?

We will wait till Tuesday. :wink:
No seriously we need that asap and will pay normally when it’s finished.

Email is


Yeah, I understand. Personally, I don’t ever consider jobs with such unreasonable deadlines, and I don’t think there’s ever a reason for deadlines like this this, in any profession, unless someone is literally going to die if it doesn’t get finished on time. But, best of luck, maybe this will be an easy job for someone :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t take the Monday to seriously. :wink:
It will take as long as it needs to get this right.

The main focus is to find someone who is experienced with shader development and can do the next shaders we will need.

We have a bunch of people in interviews now and will see what the outcome will be.
The result will be shown here when its finished.