Little Island Scene (with Butterflies)

Link here: Island

Everything is mostly procedural. I modeled everything myself and found textures online.


how can you set frame over 60! and I can’t feel any frame drop unless the high quality texture!

Very good! But 22 fps. For grass, trees i’m using default antialiasing (msaa) without transparent: true into material. Just adding alphaToCoverage:true

I generally use SMAA cause I use post-processing effects that would destroy the benefit of MSAA anyway. Thanks for the advice though!

It depends on what browser you are using. Just search up “disable v-sync [browser name here]”.

Yea - I need to work on optimizing it lol. Current ideas (if I’m not too lazy):

Split instanced grass up into chunks for frustum culling
Decimate terrain reflection mesh
LODs on trees

Is there any way to disable vsync by javascript or other code? because now I’m struggling with my three js project about frame drop. Can I get some other hint of it?

never mind… I always start function animate with just animate() but when I call animate function with
requestAnimationFrame(animation); either inside and outside of animate loop, it goes 120fps!

Thanks for reply and I have to find out vsync too.

Any way I think your project is perfect for my eyes! I suprised about your project quality!

Awesome thanks!

My favorite part is climbing trees! :smiley:

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Aww thanks!

On old iPad setup / loading / growing / carving … just keeps looping


I added fxaa instead msaa and custom gamma correction postprocess. Transparent grass (Instancebuffer) without sorting but with custom shader to make transparent pixels looks good at close and far distance and renderOrder=-1 to make right gpu sort with particles and grass have customdepth for shadow. Particles is instancedBuffer with distance sorting.