GEApp - Agricolture Innovation

Hi everyone
This is the site that we have just opened to the public (there will be optimizations and changes) for the promotion of the precision farming platform.

Only the home page, for the moment, has a threejs content driven by gsap scrolling
Any feedback is apprecied


This looks really nice! I like the concept of a mini-world. But it looks like it’s still rendering every frame even when the WebGL scene is covered in HTML elements. I recommend you save all that resource consumption if you’re not going to see it. You could skip rendering with something simple like:

if (worlIsInView) {
    renderer.render(scene, camera);

Also, have you used InstancedBufferGeometry? It could help you render all the repetitive grass elements in a single drawcall, instead of one after the other, making your frames much more performant.

Just some performance suggestions :slight_smile: Overall it looks great!


Thank you so much for considering my project.
I am trying to solve several performance problems, under a framerate threshold I have halved the resolution but I still have problems with old versions of safari and other browsers.
I will definitely follow your advice, I was trying to shut down the canvas via GSAP, but your solution certainly seems more effective.
I will certainly follow your path.

I did not use InstancedBufferGeometry
I made instances only in blender to contain the weight of the glb file, placing the instances on the hills (they are low but there are) could be a problem.

Do you have any suggestions for a mathematical distribution that has “natural” random?

thanks again for appreciating the work

Quite a nice animation and concept. I really like it !
Aliasing is quite visible. Did you setup any antialiasing ?

Also, I’m not sure that the sun in the background really adds something to the scene, but that’s juste a personal feeling.
Nice job anyway !

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Hi MaximeQ
Thanks a lot for your words
I’ve used bloom effect that doesn’t support antialias, or I was not able to activate :sweat_smile:, but has a good visual impact in my opinion, smoothing colors and adding contrast and vividity with few lines on code.
The sun add more contrast in the dark blue universe, as you can see is not the real sourse of light, it’s just a stage artifice … I like it :pleading_face:, it’s far from realism, I know, but I need it to add depth to the scene … also the customer liked it a lot so I don’t take it off :upside_down_face: … anyway I have what you mean.
When I asked for feedback I was hoping for comments of this kind rather than likes.
So thanks again for your honest opinion, it’s very appecied

For anti aliasing, you should be able to use FXAA pass with the EffectComposer.
I think you can find more about that here : Very thin lines look jagged, antialiasing not working - #19 by balvarez

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I will definitely try it
Thanks again