Last post being moderated?

My last post to this forum has been blocked for moderation before release.

It never happened before, so I’m wondering what’s happening ?

I believe I’m making useful contributions here, I help and showcase open-source resources, games or tools… I’m not spamming either, I post maybe 3 - 4 times a week, mostly responding in existing threads. so I would not really understand why I would specifically require moderation.

On another hand, it’s maybe a problem with my post, maybe a file size limit ? There was a jpg of 140kb and a gif of 8.3mb.

edit : mmh I see that this post is not moderated… So I guess it’s a file limit then ? Weird. I’m trying again with a smaller gif

I had the same thing with creation of this topic: Benares (shaders)
The only reason I can think of that it happened is that I provided a link to a youtube video.
Though it took just about a half of an hour before the topic was approved. I didn’t worry much about it :slight_smile:

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I really doubt your post was blocked on purpose by someone. I think Discourse is built with automatic filters that could get triggered and then the post has to wait for moderator review before being made public. I’d say just give it some time until a mod takes a look at it and approves it. I do think the 8.3MB gif could’ve been the cause.


@marquizzo Exactly my thoughts :beers:

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I don’t know because I tried to post again with the gif optimized down to 4.3mb, and it blocked again.

Anyway I gave up, and sent a PM to @looeee since he is moderator.

Sorry for any confusion guys - check out the banner on the top of the showcase category:

Showcases require moderator approval, so please be patient if your post doesn’t show up immediately, or feel free to message @moderators.

We decided about a month ago to require approval for all showcase submissions since we were getting some spam and low-effort submissions.

You might have a delay of a couple of hours after submission there due to time zones. Felix submitted about 1am my time, so there was more of a delay than usual before I could OK the post.


For new showcase topics it’s what @looeee already said, some basic review also to prevent abuse by promoting inappropriate content/links or even possibly malicious attachments.

Yes, discourse has a spam detection system that sometimes triggers false positive, most common probably is “the user typed suspiciously fast” but also the use of specific links. These are only hidden until approved.


How long this forum has been opened and YET NO FAQ !?

The FAQ is here: three.js docs

BTW: Please don’t write words in bold all caps letters. That actually means you are shouting at people…


There’s an FAQ here too, but it’s actually the page where we keep the site guidelines. This is an unfortunate quirk of using Discourse, I’m not sure why they name that page /faq rather than /guidelines.

I’ve added a brief section describing how the automod works:


The FAQ for this forum not 3JS lib.

A paragraph or complete sentence in all caps is “shouting”. A few words in caps is “emphasizing”.

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@looeee Is there any way to add a link to that page somewhere in the nav? It’s got some really good community guidelines, but it’s pretty hard to find.

@rrrr_rrrr what would you want from a FAQ in this forum? A frequently-asked-question page would almost certainly be

  • “why is my GLTF not loading?”
  • “why is my texture not showing?”

This site is entirely community-supported, so if you think it could use an enhancement, you could help make it happen.


Doesn’t seem like standard discourse allows such, but it’s in the burger menu next to your avatar in the right top corner.

More of guideline than FAQ.
A FAQ page on how to use the board, attachment_file_size, what to include to increase the change of better respond, ect, ect.

That would be nice.
Also the onsite testbed would be sweet to have.

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Only Admins can apply changes to site. The only thing I can do is make suggestions. If you have a better way, I’m all ears!

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I think there are plugins to add a top navbar though, we could do that if we wanted. But it makes the UI less clean.

Can we even install any other than the default plugins without paid plan?

Yeah i think the links in the burger menu are intuitive enough to find.

You guys can’t just delete messages that you don’t like? Or discourse not support it? What I am said is actually true.

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Yes, we can install a range of plugins and themes.

@munrocket I’m sorry you’ve had troubles over on github, but that’s unrelated to this discussion.

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I just wanted to agree that emphasizing a part of a sentence or post should hopefully be seen different than shouting :slight_smile: please don’t moderate posts if they are partially all caps. Although, maybe just bold/italic is enough. Either way this might be a good thing to put in the faq.

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