Large Lagging And FPS Drop On Scene

Hello Experts,
I’ve been developing an application based on threejs library for a while. I’m faced with an issue about lagging and I couldn’t detect the main reason of lagging. I uploaded an image related with my scene renderer details. Could you please inform me if my model’s details are suitable for the threejs standards or not? When I remove some meshes from the scene lagging is returned into normal levels (For instance: I removed all the red location images on top of the buildings)

Are there any specific values (object count, triangles count etc.) to stay fps value nearly 60fps? What should be the maximum object count or triangles count on the scene?

Here is my renderer details;

Here is my 3D model;

Thanks in advance.

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1600 draw calls and 3M vertices seems a lot for that scene. i would check the model in blender and compress it, remove vertices by distance, decimate>collapse, whatever you have to do. then shrink and compress textures and instance parts that are geometrically similar. if having 10 markers tanks your framerate there you have another hint.