ThreeJS: OrbitControls lagging

I’m loading a heavier model in threejs, and I use the concept of InstanceMesh to reduce the drawcall and triangle counts. I have analysis more on viewer optimization and pretty much used every concepts rather than culling. But still my model is lagging when I rotate/pan/zoom in or out. I have mentioned the count details.

geometries: 15983

textures: 1

frame: 70

calls: 15983

vertices: 5274375

faces: 1758125

points: 0

What I know is that, if you can reduce the number of draw calls you end up boosting GPU performance. Similarly, I have used all of the concepts but still my viewer is lagging still ! Sorry if I don’t make much sense, I am a beginner here.

Just for clarification: Using InstancedMesh does not reduce the number of triangles being rendered.

In any event, according to the number of triangles and faces, it seems the complexity of the geometry might be too high. Do you see a performance improvement if you reduce the size of your browser’s window? Besides, can you please replace all materials in your scene with MeshBasicMaterial and check if it improves the performance?

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this seems rather big. i would put this through blender, merge vertices, simplify geometry perhaps, flaten slightly bent faces, everything that keeps the look but cuts down own vertex count. 15983 geometries also seems suspicious, what kind of model has so many single parts? didn’t you say you instance them?

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