Kompute: AI steering library - ArriveBehavior test

Hey guys, I’ve been working on an AI steering library called Kompute. Here’s the first demo for it: arriveBehavior

Did the rendering with my own game engine ROYGBIV, which is powered by ThreeJS :slight_smile:

Update: Here’s the second demo with hide behavior and path finding: hideBehavior

Update 2: Here’s the 3rd demo: Bots fighting against each other: autonomousBattle


Great job, looks very pretty!

I like how you’re structuring your projects as separate modules, very helpful

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Thanks! I really appreciate it : )

This is the second demo, this time with a combination of path finding and hide behavior: https://oguzeroglu.github.io/kompute-demos-with-roygbiv/hideBehavior/application.html


This is awesome! Very well done.

Is there any chance of having TypeScript type-definitions in this project?

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It’s not on my roadmap for this project, however I’m open to pull requests :slight_smile: GitHub - oguzeroglu/Kompute: A pluggable steering library for game AI.

Is it actually possible to catch the computer ball?

No :broken_heart:

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This is the 3rd demo: Bots fighting against each other: https://oguzeroglu.github.io/kompute-demos-with-roygbiv/autonomousBattle/application.html

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