Bot making for fps game

Ok so ive been working on an fps game
but im trying to make bots…
does anyone has seen a threejs fps game that has bot that can mooves and follow you
not sketchbook cuz thats a diff api


-Thank you

Have you seen this yet? Third person character controller

It was built with cannonjs.

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LMAO i specifically said not sketchbook
and u sent me right to

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Have you seen this Game AI: How to implement a basic deathmatch shooter?

it looks very interesting but idk how i could implement this into cannon physics

Oh, haha! My bad. I only knew it was made with Cannon.js, I didn’t even notice this is the sketchbook you were trying to avoid. :man_facepalming:


ooh haha
thank you tho

What exactly do you need?

“Follower bot logic” can widely range from simply orienting towards the target and moving towards it, to a full blown navmesh system (, so that they can avoid obstacles.