Is there a way to have skinned line segments?

Is there a way to have a skinned line segments?
Seems like to use skinned vertices, it has to be a SkinnedMesh, which uses triangles… but how would I use line segments instead (two vertices per line)?

What’s the point?

With skinned mesh, the surface of triangles adapts to the bones in the skeleton.
The skeleton consists of lines that can be made visible with the skeleton helper. :thinking:

For example, I have line segments that are modeled into some 3d shape like a cube for example… I have an animated skeleton that would animate those vertices of the lines so that the lines are transformed… however, I can’t find any way to use line segments with a skinned mesh… :frowning:

I see.

Do they have to be lines? Can’t you use a cylinder with a minimum number of radial and length segments?
Perhaps you could try a variation of my example.

From the Collection of examples from


unfortunately it has to be linesegments, and multiple line segments need to be transformed by a single bone( not one bone per line ).

This sounds complicated and certainly requires a very specific solution. :frowning_face: