Skeleton controlling multiple meshes

I’m trying to model & animate a simple object like a shoulder, upper arm, elbow, forearm, wrist. The joints are just spheres, the arms are just cylinders (CylinderGeometry). I want them all parented in the usual way, shoulder → upper arm → elbow → forearm → wrist.
It seems like in three.js “bones” are meant for this: I can create an upperArm and forearm bone, and put those into a Skeleton. My question is how to bind the cylinder and sphere geometries to the skeleton, so when I update the bones (rotations & lengths) the geometries move appropriately? I’ve only seen examples with SkinnedMesh which seems way more complicated than I need.

Alternatively I can skip bones altogether and just create the geometries & meshes and rotate/scale them to perform the animation; then I have to do more of the math myself but maybe it’s simpler. Anyone have any hints on how this is usually done?

If a mesh is only influenced by a single bone, then you can make the bone a parent of that mesh. If multiple bones, then SkinnedMesh (and its per-vertex skin index and weights) would be the way to go.