Is FBX somewhat unstable in threejs?


I have worked with quite a few formats now in threejs: OBJ, DAE, GLB/GLTF. All working quite well with just a few tricks/nuance.

I consistently have issues with FBX format, in a number of different ways. As an example, just simply downloading animated FBX files from Sketchfab and loading them into threejs, rarely do they work as expected.

Is FBX, generally, not very well supported/functioning in threejs? I notice there is not even an exporter created for FBX in the threejs examples.

Just curious if I should put more time into learning/understanding FBX or just always convert to glb/gltf and abandon FBX.


Can you share some of these files you are having problems with here?

In the long term, yes. I’m not sure if we are quite there yet though since many apps don’t have glTF exporters yet.