Is there any limitations to load and animate a fbx format file?

Hello everyone.
I wanna to load an animate fbx format file using threejs.
But some files are missing to load and some files success.
I wanna to know which fbx files can be loaded successfully in threejs.

FBX is a proprietary format owned by Autodesk. It has many features, multiple versions that have changed over the years, and has to be reverse engineered just to load it. All that to say — not all FBX files will work, and no one knows the full list of reasons they might not work.

We recommend trying to use glTF models if you can. We’ve provided a number of workflows to do so, which include options to convert FBX files to glTF: You can test these models in a viewer like to confirm the conversion has worked.


Thank you for your reply.
It is very helpful for me.
Let me ignore fbx format and go through glTF.