Viewing FBX animations in HTML

Is it possible to Load 3d animations using the FBX Loader? I was able to view a non animated file, but even after merging all of the layers of an animated file I’m having trouble.

Is this even possible?

three.js supports loading animated 3D models in the FBX format, yes — see the webgl / loader / fbx example. That isn’t necessarily to say that all animated FBX files will work, it’s a proprietary format and difficult to reverse engineer. You may need to test the FBX file in other viewers to confirm it’s valid, then file an issue if it doesn’t work somewhere like the threejs editor.

Yeah it’s possible… but fbx is kindof a sucky format. Convert it to GLB in blender, and let Uncle Don make it good. :smiley:

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I’m surpised typing “fbx animations” in your favourite search engine didn’t find this.

FBX Animations : FBX Animations - Three.js Tutorials

Vanilla source :