FBX keyframe animation support?

Hi ,guys
I have a box, which created by my colleague with 3ds max, the box has animations to change the top face’s material , so it looks like some spin light.

I export it to a fbx file, when I inspect the fbx file in unity , the animation is not here, in import setting’s animation tab.
When I load it to three.js, and log it, it shows animations array is empty,
I wonder weather fbx is not support this kind of animation or three.js /unity does not support it ?
or FBXloader do not parse this kind of animation ?
does another format support ?
this kind of animation is something called morph-targets animation ? I see some somewhere in examples.

I am familiar with keyframe animation, like adobe flash, but what’s the difference with morph targets animation ?

I’m not actually sure if FBX formats supports animating materials properties. Can you share your model?
If the animations are present in the file then we can add support to the loader.

I have posted some image here, https://imgur.com/a/k2ZLsQv
the animation is loop in those image

@Liu_Hao I’ll need the actual FBX file to help you with this.