Keyframe Visibility based animation support in three.js for FBX/GLTF 2.0 files

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to know if visibility based animation is supported in Three.js at the moment?

i.e During transitioning, one object becomes invisible and another object becomes visible and vice versa. Sketchfab supports this right off the bat for FBX files at the moment and I wanted to know if the current fbx viewer does this embedded fbx files.

Any guidance will be helpful.


As demonstrated by this example, it is possible to animate the opacity of a material:

However, I don’t know if FBX or glTF support the animation of material properties. Meaning you probably have to author the keyframe track and animation clip similar to the example.

Thanks for this. Let me check it out. I feel I have to modify fbxloader to read this visibility animation information somehow. I know I’m heading towards stormy waters so wish me luck :weary::grinning:

The easiest workaround might be to animate your model to Y=999999, with a discrete/step animation (so that it goes directly from its default position to 999999 without interpolation). It should be culled when that far out of the viewport, so it simply doesn’t render.

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