How to Animate alpha in blender and export GLTF to three.js

I currently studying at import gltf from blender. I build a flat satellite model and try to animate its flash light using alpha, I also try to use gltf material. When I inspect it in three.js , there is not such an track in the animation. Is that mean I can’t use material animation ?
Untitled 3.avi (323.8 KB)

You can’t currently export animation of materials to glTF, sorry. I think this is on the roadmap for the future.

It is possible to do the animation in three.js with some coding, though. See

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That’s mean at current time , I can only import static model and animated in three.js. Thank you make sure of it.

Well, you can export animated glTF models from Blender and load them in three.js. But only certain types of animation are supported that way:

  • skinning
  • morph targets
  • keyframed location/rotation/scale and morph weights

To animate something like color or opacity you’ll need to write the code in three.js.

thank you , I got it